stay tuned for a temporary flash preview
of my latest foray beyond flash fiction '33 1/3rd rpm'
(2,467 words)
© 2017
by Shaun Lawton

A Scanner Trade

Happily the technocrat drone clone
from the mutAnt colony subhuman1
whistled his way to his weekly splinter tribe Faction 9
Survivalist meeting. (He was only required to make it
half way to the meetings, of course.

In that span the TSA supercomplex
had assimilated all the information it required
for the meeting to proceed without him.
Reports, notes, speeches scanned and
mindsets imprinted.)

The drone clone stepped off the commuter trax
at the very next exit, and stepped into the wind.
It was free to do what it wanted to.


Four years later, the first transhuman in vivo Minksian-Kurzweill clone emerges from its neonatal intensive care unit, eyes unblinking. Max would quickly grow to establish the first CORE school (Consilience Of Recombinant Extropy) by the seasoned age of four. In the year 2020, eight year old Max would engender a transubstantiative doctrine reprising Heraclitus' ideas of flux, and publish his manifesto >H by sending it back in time to his conception-year, where it now appears on carefully selected nodal points of the internet.